Analysis of Two Photographs in Black and White versus Colored

Analysis of Two Photographs in Black and White versus Colored20. Elizabeth Taylor – Giant (1956 film) Original Photograph by Frank Worth Photo | Prints availableColorized by malakon on Reddit [20H13]1. Differences due to color and blackamp. white. The photograph in color brought the picture of Elizabeth Taylor to life through highlighting the color of her skin and through the more realistic background where details are emphasized through the color. As could be seen, the color of the sky was highlighted. as well as other details from her background: the megaphone, the benches, and the sand –which could mean that this photograph was taken while Taylor was in a beach (which explains her top swimsuit gear).The black and white photograph actually focuses more on the image of Elizabeth Taylor and viewers could hardly be made interested in shifting their gaze from the person to any of the details at the background. The emphasis was on the image of Elizabeth Taylor and the viewers would apparently care less on what other images were there in the background.2. Image of the pose/ expression- silly,embarrassing,powerful, friendly. The pose of Elizabeth Taylor could be interpreted as being seductive with her gaze directly on the camera (or to the viewer).What is the person wearing? Likewise, since Taylor is wearing a skimpy bra to cover her body and pants, the outfit added to the appeal and to the intentional seduction that is being applied.Do you see there inter body or just the face? The body is shown until just above the knees. Is the face frontal or just profile? The face is frontal. but skewing on the left side to show more of Taylor’s right side of her face. The entire body is also frontal with a little movement to her right.Is the photo close up or further away from the viewers perspective? The photograph is not close-up and thus, was just a little farther away from the viewers’ perspective. The fact that parts of the body, until just above the knees are shown, evidently confirms some distance from the viewer.3. Purpose of the particular photos -e.g. political article criminal proceeding family time etc. The purpose of the particular photograph could be deduced as part of Taylor’s photo-shoot to promote one of her movies entitled Giant, in 1956 [20H13].Argue why the photojournalist chose this particular image to go with the article. No available article precedes or accompanies this photograph.4. Describe how a different pose would alter the visual effect on the viewers. A different pose would definitely alter the visual effect on the viewers. With this seductive pose, viewers are mesmerized by the sheer beauty and appeal of Elizabeth Taylor – whether viewers see the photograph in black and white or color. However, whatever pose or facial expression that would be assumed by Taylor, one could surmise that it would still captivate the viewers due to her magnetic personality and strong audience appeal.Work Cited20H13: , (20 Historic Black and White Photos Colorized),