Analyze the relationship between humans and technology in the novel and in the present

But amidst the shining avenue of technological advancement, human civilization forgets the curse that it brings with it. The dark abbeys lying behind the gleaming and shining pavement of human civilization is casted with curse, tears, agony and bloodshed of million innocent people who become mere scapegoats and prey in the hands of lured and power hungry class who tear asunder the faith and the dreams of numerous innocent faces for their own interest and power play.
The novel ‘Fail Safe’ by Eugene Burdick, throws light on the darker side that the technological glitch brings and discusses about the apocalyptic attitude which Americans possessed during the peak hours of the Cold War. This feeling and foreboding eclipsed the entire American society and pervaded throughout the nation. First introduced in the year 1962 to its readers, the novel ‘Fail Safe’ was written when entire America was still staggering from the Cuban missile crisis. At such point of time ‘Fail Safe’ was written to portray the fact that more the countries would indulge into the development of nuclear capabilities, more the potential for newer enemies would prowl on their horizon. ‘Fail Safe’ is written against the background, when disaster would have trucked any moment and during the period of political doldrums “Fail Safe” continued to deliver powerful response through the issues captivated within the periphery of the novel.
Before trying to relate the difference of relationship between the humans and technology in the novel and the similar articles during the contemporary time, it is quite essential to note and understand the background of the write-up. Analyzing the background of the write-up essentially and poignantly involves the background of the creative mind behind the framing of the plot. The background of the writer who yields various documentations in the form of hypothesis or direct testimony of his experience or recorded experience