Analyzing My Writing Experience

Analyzing My Writing Experience Writing is an ability that can be enhanced with practice and experience. Since grade school, teachers have been giving writing projects to their pupils from noting down a memorable summer to affirming a New Year’s resolution.
In my undergraduate studies, I did academic writing particularly in accounting and management subjects. As I earned a career in tax practice, my writing experience mainly focused on business correspondence on behalf of my clients. But once in a while, I also make a note on some vital events in my life either in essay or journal form.
While my writing experience is far behind the renowned essayists like Ralph Waldo Emerson or Michel de Montaigne, I am amazed reading their works. Montaigne’s wisdom, curiosity, and directness has set an example for other famous essayists and writers such as Francis Bacon, Charles Lamb, and even Emerson. Montaigne is known as "the father of familiar essay" (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2007). Among Montaigne’s works that made a mark is Essais that gave a name to a favorite literary composition – the essay.
Apart from studying literary compositions from the 19th century, I also enjoy reading essays from periodicals and glossy magazines.
In reading a magazine, I always look for the essays contributed by some writers or readers. By reading the other’s essays, I am able to get a glimpse of what other writers have to say on issues like politics, business, religion, family, and even love. I just noticed that writing style varies in every topic. Politics, business, and religion are often written with straightforward technique. while issues on family and love are written with a more personal touch. Narrative essays are more fun to read. Some are ten-paragraph essay while others have simple five paragraphs with uncomplicated and comprehensible thesis and details.
In times when I do not prepare tax returns for my clients, I try putting my thoughts on paper. And when in nostalgic mood, I dig on my personal box to read the essays I have written.
Writing is one of my hobbies, yet a very useful hobby in my professional life. For now, all I do is business correspondence for the clients in my tax practice. But since I started evaluating and internalizing the essays and other literary works that I read, I noticed some changes in my writing style. Even my clients noted the change: the letters I write for them no longer have the same conformity yet the formality is maintained.
The additional knowledge I acquired by reading other writer’s piece certainly enhances my flair for writing: be it a simple correspondence, an academic writing endeavor, or simply a personal journal.
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