Andreas Gursky

Over time, Gursky has made tremendous achievements in the global art scene. He is well-known for his big, bold, colorful and detailed photographs that have defined the contemporary art. His large-format photographs are a reflection and exploration of the natural environment and globalization effects on the modern life of capitalism (Famous photographers, n.d). Several of his artistic works have been presented in several exhibitions in major museums around the world. For instance, the most recent major exhibition "Werke-Works 80-08” has found its way in many exhibitions such as the Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Kunstmuseum Basel in Switzerland, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is also found in much important public and private collections throughout the world. Moreover, Gursky’s 3m wide photograph of “Rhine II River” holds the record for the most expensive photograph in the art history. In 2011, it was selling at £ 2.7m at Christie’s New York – a price higher than Cindy Sherman’s £2.4m in May.
Gursky’s exemplary works and desires for photography have also seen him traveling beyond Germany and the Europe Continent as a whole. He has gone to international cities of Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Cairo among others taking a wide range of images of buildings, hotels, offices, events, and nature.
Brought up by successful commercial photographer parents owning a photography studio, Gursky started learning photography even before finishing high school