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It is important to know how documentation process is established as it provides for easier management.The article is an online publication. The author establishes that, due to the rise of diseases such as heart failure, which has cause massive deaths, humans still do not change their behavior to control the conditions. It proposes electronic devices that can monitor individuals by internet usage as a way of improving and controlling them as they undergo exercises to reduce the menace. Not much information was available concerning the study and neither did it propose for other future research. The literature review was less in depth but offered a better insight into the study while methods of analysis were by sample surveys of the patients. It is significant that patients change their behavior as it helps health practitioners to manage their health.Kontos, E., Blake, K. D., Chou, W. S., amp. Prestin, A. (2014). Predictors of eHealth usage: Insights on the digital divide from the health information national trends survey 2012. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(7), e172.It is an extensive article that is a JMIR publication. The authors observe that due to development in electronic health technology, health care has improved tremendously especially on vulnerable individuals in the society. The study establishes that factors such as race and ethnicity do not necessary contribute to the electronic health information. But individuals who are less educated find it difficult to accesses the Internet for health information than their counterparts. Not much information was available but proposes for future studies on electronic health literacy. The review was in depth that provided a clear view of the study while methods of research were by case studies. The less literate in the society should embrace technology since it an easier way to manage their health.This is a