Answer Job Interview Questions

Job Interview questions About Myself I am a citizen of this country aged 23 years. I graduated from high school with a distinction and currently pursuing a degree in the university. I am majoring in business with a concentration in marketing. My interests include playing football, listening to music and reading motivational books. I am a focused person with great interpersonal communication and negotiation skills and talent that makes me enjoy my study in the field of business.
Currently at the college I am the representative of the marketing club where we debate on issues of marketing and market as a whole. During vacations, I have been able to work in the marketing department of Toyota Company and where I gathered tangible experience about marketing. The talent of communication and negotiation that I possess is a key component in marketing as it will help one to gauge the ability to buy as well as the behavior patterns of the customer. I am highly motivated and work best under no strict supervision. A team player and a positive result oriented person.
My Strengths and Weaknesses
My strengths are that I am highly motivated and positive and focused result oriented person with the abilities of teamwork and good interpersonal communication skills. During my internship at the Toyota Company, these skills enabled me to move sales worth $ 1 million in three weeks. As such I am capable of delivering in the sector of business for a firm as a whole. My weakness is that my failures in anything I do make me fill demoralized and weak. However, I have been putting a concerted effort to take my failures as lessons and learn from them.
Why Im Applying to New Vision Marketing (Buffalo, NY)
I am applying for a job with this company because it is one of the best .marketing companies in the country with a strong brand name in marketing. By working here, I will be put my expertise to use and also learn more about my career as marketing officer. This will give the opportunity to be part of the great reputation that the company posits to the outside world.
Communication skills can impact our effectiveness. Example of time when I was particularly effective in explaining something on a one-to-one basis
As a marketing intern with the Toyota Company, a valuable customer came to inquire about the issue of breaking system with his car. This was following the withdrawal of thousands of cars all over the world over the same issue. I was able to explain to him the reasons for the withdrawal of the vehicle and the duration it was to take as well as the need for doing so to his satisfaction.
An Event That Really Challenged Me. How I Met the Challenge and Ways in which My Approach Was Different from others
The incident when I was given what seemingly was an achievable target to sell up to 6 high valued cars within a month. It seemed hard, but I managed through teamwork and aggressive networking that made me sell up to seven cars in that month.
Three (3) Questions to Ask the Interviewer about the Position, Company, and Industry
i) Is the company listed on the stock exchange and what are the current prices of its stock?
ii) What is the number of shareholders that are active in the market today?
iii) Are their plans to make shareholders fill part of the company in a better way than it is today?