Answer short question

January 25, Jackie’s Goals: The primary goal of Jackie is to find 30,000 square feet of office space for her large firm. She needs to manage this goal within the financial resources of the firm. For this she needs to bargain hard with Sam and may need to compromise her liking for ‘A’ space. The secondary goal of Jackie is to ensure that the new space doesn’t have a parking problem for the employees.
Jackie’s Interests:
Jackie is interested in having the new office space within 1 mile of the Capitol building. She is also interested in moving from a ‘B’ category location to an ‘A’ category premium location. Bargaining well with Sam could help in fulfilling her interests.
Sam’s Goals:
Sam’s primary goal is to reach close to filling 100% space inventory. This would increase his income in the form of current and future bonuses. It would also avoid any opportunity income lost due to unused 21% inventory.
Sam’s Interests:
Sam’s interest is to push Jackie to buy one of the two ‘A’ spaces. This is what is required by Jackie. Moreover, this would give Sam a decent personal income of $50 per month per parker apart from his firm’s salary. This would also fulfill his wife’s interest to live and support a high-end lifestyle.
January 27, 2012
The President’s Goal:
The President’s goal is to keep the rate cut minimum so as to maintain the fiscal balance. Therefore, the president is aiming for not more than 1% rate cut.
The President’s Interest:
The President’s interest is to keep the government running in spite of the deficit and weak economic conditions overall.
The Senator’s Goal:
The Senator’s goal is to bargain for a higher rate cut of 3% which may allow sufficient liquidity. He has changed his goal based on the weakened economic conditions.
The Senator’s Interest:
The senator’s interest is to get the deal done under his own terms and conditions which is good for his personal reputation.