Answer the question 7 and 10 on the case study

At present, it can be said that they are following an autocratic style of working at Cedar Tech.
Research &amp. Understanding of Group Decision Making: Group decision making is thought to be better than individual decision making in the sense that it is generally thought that two heads are better than one. Group decisions are more comprehensive, there is more input involved in the decision making process and heterogeneity and diversity in the decision can be expected.
The above approaches can be used to ensure that the groups perform effectively. The work groups can be made by employing various techniques. For example groups of 2-4 can be made within a department and collective target should be assigned to that group. The individual roles &amp. responsibilities of the group members should be assigned according to the individual strengths and capabilities of the individuals. This would also match the current culture of Ceder Tech which is already defined to be task oriented.
The group discussions are criticized as a decision making means because of their inefficiency. However, if the following twelve steps to make group meetings effective are followed, groups can be highly productive:
Current Conditions: At present decision making seems to be on a day to day, ad hoc basis and there is no as such strategic planning process involved. The President &amp. CEO is expediting an extremer level of control, even in daily, operational decision making. There is no delegation. The managers need to be given authority to make decisions.
Goal(s) The management goals are to motivate their employees including the mangers to support them in future. Without empowerment, the management is not satisfied. In order words to achieve this goal, the managers need to be given authority.
It is proposed that only in circumstances where decisions are of a confidential and strategic nature, decision making has to be taken at the top level Vice Presidents, CEO and Directors will make the decision. In cases where a single individual (at a higher level) has