Answering quistions regarding to the personal statment

Reflection on Feedback Question Self-awareness has the prospects of making me strive to gain the sets of skills, understandings,achievements and personal attributes, which give me the likelihood of being employed, and being successful in my selected occupation. Self-awareness therefore makes me be able to know my competence in leadership, problem solving, and effectiveness in communication and my ability to blend in and work in teams. In my field of network engineering, qualified engineers are instrumental in growth and emerging sectors and this is largely on the basis of practical and technical knowhow whose level be reflected in self awareness. In view of this self-awareness would give me the impetus for being employed since I would be able to properly articulate my knowledge ability and skills set to prospective employers succinctly without stuttering.
Question 2
From the feedback, I have learnt that my communication skills, especially in giving specific details about me are quite poor and therefore need to be improved greatly to give the right impression to prospective employers. I have also learnt that I have a great potential in me of being an effective communicator by concentrating on the major issues through pin pointing the specifics of the issues I am talking about rather than applying generalizations. Another important lesson from the feedback is that there is urgent need for me to do a thorough research of the specificities of the practical nature and varieties of possible job openings in my field of specialization and their specific entry requirements.
Question 3
In relation to my key strengths, I would have indicated that as an electrical and electronics engineer, my personal organization skills would be helpful in prioritization of tasks allowing free flow of operations that my work supports. Responsibilities in electrical and electronics engineering involve the application of diagnostic expertise and tests for identifying and determining the sources of electrical faults and interpreting the error codes and in-built indicators of faults. Other crucial tasks involve design transformation into actual outcomes. . These tasks require high level of organization and keenness.
My ability to handle pressure would enable me deal with situations like total collapse of systems quickly without any delays, to restore maximum performance of systems in the shortest time possible. I will achieve this through quick and accurate interpretation of circuit diagrams.
My high standards of excellence would be instrumental in accurately analyzing information in accordance with work and enterprise requirements and adjust the work plan for overcoming challenges that occur during progress of various assignments.
I am competent in setting up jobs prior to the beginning of tasks including selecting appropriate equipment and tools required for accomplishing tasks. I am also capable of assessing and modifying my own work operations according to different needs and able to calibrate instrumentation apparatus. However, I need to develop knowledge of navigating technology for accessing, producing and retrieving information through application of the appropriate software to help boost my competency.
I value working in groups and imparting knowledge in my fellow workers as I learn from them because this is the best way of learning. Therefore, this work value would ensure that I institute group work in the organization as this helps attain good performances and uninterrupted workflows.
We created a reading lamp system that was capable of automatically adapting to the lighting intensity needs of various individual’s eyes so that individuals would not strain because of either little or too much light. This lamp brought a solution to individuals with eye problems because of lack of optimum intensities fitting their eyes. Initially it was difficult convincing people about the mechanisms around its functionality but won the confidence of people by dishing out free samples and following up for feedback, which was positive. Our enthusiasm was creating a safe reading apparatus for the many people with eye defects to be capable of reading without suffering adverse effects of light rays. This successful start has given us the impetus for expanding this technology to computer and television set screens and vehicle windshields for increment of the groundbreaking technology’s wide use.
Question 4
I plan to expand my employability by striving to gain all round experience in the various system-engineering fields. The major way of gaining experience is offering my free time to volunteer work in system engineering companies to gain hands on experience and reading widely about the subject. I also intend to do several certification exams in the field of system and software engineering to enhance my employability.