Antimicrobial Resistance

&nbsp.Another cause for resistance is when the health care providers use excessive antibiotics and antimalarials that in the long run lead to drug resistance (WHO, 20ll).

The patients, on the other hand, have contributed to drug resistance because of failure to complete prescribed doses. Some get better and threw away the drugs before they are healed. They also engage in self-medication by buying drugs that are not meant to treat certain diseases in so doing they increase drug resistance (Stephen S. Morse, 1995).
The industries increase drug resistance through the manufacture of substandard drugs that have low potency and therefore do not cure diseases. Some industries also import counterfeit drugs that are of very low quality, while some manufacture drugs with wrong ingredients and all these results in drug resistance.

To help prevent antimicrobial resistance health care providers should educate the health workers so as to curb inappropriate prescribing. Secondly, they should also train drug dispensers to require prescriptions and make referrals when necessary (Richard Smith, 2001). Third, they can also improve the communication between the patients and the doctor so as to improve adherence to prescribed drugs. Lastly, they can institute disease control practices such as the use of mosquito nets, hand washing to reduce pathogen transmissions (CDC, 2000).