Apology and Compensation for Wrongly Delivered Order

Therefore, the management suspects of confusion especially among the production workers or machine’s malfunction, though very rare. Since the corporation has not received similar cases before entailing poor quality delivered products or services that led to your predicament and disappointment. Therefore, do not have a negative perception of the corporation’s products or services because we have always ensured the delivery of high-quality grass seeds, which is evident from the prior delivered orders.

Southeastern BioTech Corporation’s management according to its policies regarding the clients’ compensation, it has resolved to refund $26,000, which was full amount meant for the delivered order. Besides, due to the expenses incurred by the Club and resulted in unexpected inconveniences, the corporation’s management has also decided to replace the poor growing grass patches. This is by planting the required course’s grass coupled with ensuring it has grown to maturity and to the prior expectations of the Club’s management. Hence, ensuring the former good relationship where the corporation hopes it will not change due to this unintentional occurrence.
The management looks forward to your understanding coupled with a stronger relationship amid the two companies where the management promises incidences of this kind will not recur in the future.
Yours Sincerely
Southeastern BioTech Corporation Marketing manager