Apple Store

In this avenue, the techniques applicable are a web server hosting the web address, content, and software that may mediate communications for the two parties. Remarkably, communication through this system is efficient as customers make orders for the goods they need directly to the supplier. Moreover, this technique requires provision of an internet address, which is useful to the supplier as they may use the email address to communicate to the consumer about new products on sale in future. Essentially, the use of mobile phone verbal communication also helps in the creation of dialogue with the two transacting entities. It creates trust and dialogue, which enhances customer service and satisfaction because consumers are able to make verbal communication on the specifics of the product they are buying (Ahrens 31). As for Apple store, the preferred technique for marketing communication is website communication because of the large customer base hence making it difficult to make one on one phone dialogue.Offline interactive communicationIn this form of traditional marketing communication, retailers make direct approach to the consumer in order to create product awareness and encourage buying. The techniques involved include direct marketing, personal selling, and sales promotions. However, the products on sale are not as per individual customer specifications, but are as per the supplier’s ideas. However, the application of this concept still applies to many businesses despite the available one to one marketing techniques. In this regard, Apple store uses sales promotions and direct marketing to market products on sale in order to attract customers to buy their products. Online passive communication techniques These are one-way progressive communication techniques where the supplier informs customers about the goods on sale without expecting any feedback from them (Kurtz 536). For instance, these techniques include television, radio gadgets, and any form of printed media. In essence, any concerns that a consumer might have does not get to the supplier hence facilitating difficulties for them in decision-making. Given the option, television is the most suited technique for apple store as it helps persuade consumers to visit the store and buy from them because televisions show the images of the products available at the store. Offline passive communication techniques In the past, marketing communication was a traditional concept where communication only focused on the target population and not on individual customers. This concept is still relevant in today’s marketing strategies despite the fact that communication is not specific. For instance, this form of marketing communication uses public relations and product advertising to ensure that the message on the products reaches the potential customers. Therefore, Apple store uses product advertising as a way of reaching wider markets because of the ability to create awareness towards many. Recommendations First, the progressive technique of internet and website communication forms a vital aspect of marketing. However, Apple store should