Application White Paper

The paper will also give recommendation on how the hotel can improve its service delivery.
Online reviews help to improve generally performance of an organization since it helps managers in decision making and resources allocation. It also helps the organization analyze its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to improve its goods and services. The benefits of organizational analysis is to help improve organizational performance in relation to is competitors through its mission, vision, resources allocation, product and services, governance, organizational culture and ethics, competitive advantages, employee and customer satisfaction (Bekefi, 2008).
Hospitality industry plays an important economic role in United States of America (Zacks, 2012). Hotel industry across the globe is affected by fluctuations in demand of their goods and services depending with the prevailing season. A specific hotel needs to develop a products and services that will ensure constant income throughout the year despite the existing competitors. Their services should be unique and competitive compared to the products and services of their real competitors.
Customer satisfaction is a key factor to the success of any hospitality organization. Hospitality industry offers home like services to unique customers away from home. Therefore the customer expectations for quality goods and services are higher in hospitality industry than in any other industry (Taylor, 2012). To improve services delivery and maintain customer royalty, an organization must seek to obtain the customers feed back in regard to their services.
In the current information age most customers seek their products and services online. Customers also give negative and positive feedback online in Social Medias as well as the company’s website. Renivate software is an online platform specifically