Applied Health Care Ethics and Law

Health care ethics and law is vital in the regular practice of health care services particularly in the field of nursing. Basically, the study of nursing ethics focuses on the evaluation of merits, risks, and other social concerns with regards to the activities provided by nurses to the patients. In line with the practice of nursing, the codes of ethics, nurse practice act, standards of care, and the legal implications of the nursing standards of care has to be followed carefully to ensure that the best nursing practices will be rendered to the patients.
The history of nursing ethics is rooted from the medical ethics. Since nursing theory gives emphasis on the collaborative relationship between nurses and the patients, there is a need to establish a separate code of ethics for nurses. For many years, the study of ethics has laid the foundation of the modern practice of nursing particularly in respect for Human Rights. In the twentieth Century, the nursing ethics has shifted from the virtues of the nurses towards the promotion of the human rights and duties of the nurses.