Applying to the University of Manchester for Admission to the MA Course in Educational Technology and TESOL

I am a Head of the General Studies Department in the Military Vocational Training Institute in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Born in 1981, I graduated from the Imam University in Riyadh, with a Bachelor’s degree in the English Language, in 2004. I have been teaching the English Language in the Institute since August 2004. I have also worked as a translator.&nbsp. I have a Teacher Training Certificate from Hastings College, Sussex. I wish to develop my skills as a teacher and administrator of education. It is with this aim that I am applying for admission to the M.A. course in Educational Technology and TESOL.
I chose to major in the English Language because I had a clear vision of the advantages of learning English. I became aware of the difficulties in learning the language, surmounted these difficulties with the guidance of my teachers, and decided to use my experience to help my people to learn and use the language for their material, cultural and spiritual progress. Some of my teachers were native speakers of English. There were advantages in learning their language from them, but I think some of my people may find it easier to be taught by one of their own. It was, therefore, natural, that I should apply for the post of an English Language teacher in my country. By the grace of God, the authorities recognized my qualifications, my skills, and my ambition and appointed me to the post. Again, by the grace of God, they acknowledged my merits by promoting me very soon to the position of Head of the General Studies Department.