Approval of a Topic Diabetes for My Research Project

Based on my preliminary research and the results I may find, I should narrow it down to diets, medicines, side effects, etc.
As I have mentioned before, Diabetes is a very mortal disease, ranked as the fifth cause of death in the world. While trying to understand the disease I found out the different types of Diabetes. Once on that stage, I found out that Diabetes could be treated, in some cases, by reforming one’s diet. For that reason, I have decided to focus my research on diets for the several types of Diabetes, including the ones affecting children. Three different search engines were used:&nbsp.&nbsp., and For the search engine, the keywords used were: Diabetes diet and the number of hits produced was about 66,600,000. The first one hundred pages from the list were surfed, in order to obtain the addresses of some of the web pages from the previous list. For the second search engine,, the keywords used were: Diabetes diet, and it produced about 1,330,000 hits. Also for this search engine, the first one hundred web pages were examined in order to develop the previous list. The procedure used, was not effective since the three search engines produced about the same internet pages.&nbsp. Also, each search engine lists the pages most related to the keywords first and as it goes down the relevancy reduces.&nbsp.&nbsp. Also, the search engine starts listing the same web page, with different approaches. In order to find my topic within a specialized database, the search engine was used, using the keywords, specialized database.&nbsp. The first result that it was obtained, from about 664,000 hits, was the net.TUTOR page from the Ohio State University Libraries.&nbsp. Since this information related one hundred per cent to my inquiry, I decided to follow its instructions which directed me to the government medicine free specialized database, the keywords Diabetes diet was introduced and the total number of 22149 hits came up.&nbsp. Since two keywords were introduced and a substantive result came up, the next step was to place some limits within the search.&nbsp.