[School] Number] September 9, Real Life Application of Arrays An array in programming is a series of objects which are of the same size and type. They allow one to store groups of items of the same data type in memory. These phenomenon can be applied in real life situations. First example is this is the use of 2-D and 3-D arrays to represent weather and climatic data in area. The surface of the earth can be divide with 2-Dimensional gridline and then a 2-dimensional array is used to store and display the average climatic conditions on the grid.
Another real life example where an array can be used to represent data of same type and size is the representation of all the grades and marks of the students in an institution and their GPAs. It may be cumbersome and impractical to have individual variables for each separate value for a larger group of students. With arrays, a few statements can be used read and store data of many students.
An array can be used to store elements of indexed data. For instance, an array can be used when storing information about each and every day of a month. Therefor an array with capability of addressing 31 values is used. An array can also in storage of date of employees social security numbers for a specific company. Also in game programming, one can use arrays to store references for enemies or as a container for the won prizes by the player.
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