Art and Creativity how they affects to the world

Art and Creativity Topic Selection: Art and creativity are some of the most important forms of cultural expression and mental activity. Nearly all forms of innovation, business, and entertainment have at their roots forms of creativity or art. Even though art and creativity are central aspects of contemporary existence, they are oftentimes regarded as not important, or only cursory elements to a proper education. In many instances art is one of the first programs that are cut in public schools. The reason I chose this research topic is to demonstrate the importance art and creativity have an important affect on the world.
Research Question: The various ways and the extent to which art and creativity affect the modern world.
Tentative Thesis: While oftentimes art and creativity are regarded as elements of existence that are cursory or secondary importance, it’s clear this is a falsehood. This research examination considers the ways that art and creativity are central aspects of contemporary existence.
I. Importance of Art in Schools
a. improves long term success rate
b. aids in comprehension of other course materials
II. Importance of Art in Business
a. instrumental to proper economic development of regions
b. instrumental to innovation within business environment
III. Importance of Art in Human Development
a. crucial for proper intellectual development
b. instrumental in dealing with daily challenges of existence
IV. Conclusion
Types of Sources: The sources range from three major categories. In these regards, they investigate art and creativity in the realms of education, business, and human development.
Annotated Bibliography:
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This text examines the important connection between art and commerce. It has a number of notable points that reflect the nature of art as crucial to individual development and a central element, not only in aspects of human development, but also business, entertainment, and overall innovation. The essay will consider this source for its points on the importance of art and human development.
Davis, Jessica. (2007) Why Our Schools Need the Arts. Teacher’s College Press.
This text considers the importance of arts in the public schools. It argues that art improves students’ long-term success and aids them in comprehending outside subjects. The research essay will implement both these points in the research.
Florida, Richard. (2003) The Rise of the Creative Class. New York: Basic Books.
This text argues that regions that have successfully developed economic regions have done so through cultivating an innovative ‘creative class.’ In these regards, it considers the central importance of creativity in business. The research essay will consider this source in terms of its indication of the importance of art on economic development.
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This text considers the importance of art in schools. It argues that in addition to improving student success, it improves the overall standing of the school. The research essay will consider this source in relation to the importance art plays on student achievement.
Gardner, Howard. (1991) Art Education and Human Development. J. Paul Getty
This text examines the importance art in human development. Gardner argues that art contributes centrally to an individual’s ability to comprehend new concepts. This essay will consider this source in relation to the indications it makes in regards to art and human development.
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This text considers the nature of innovation and the business environment. It argues that creativity is a core element in innovating new business frontiers. This essay will consider this in relation to the connection it indicates for creativity and business.