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Marketing Assignment"These factors contribute towards positioning the company as market leader in the artificial jewellery industry. Products offered by the company will cater to the needs of all age groups and classes of people. The essay will provide further details about the business plan, which will help to portray viability of starting this business in United States.
Jewellery business falls in the category of art business hence it is obvious that it should be treated from an imaginative point of view. The business plan for Beauclaire will reflect imagination, creativity and it has not followed the traditional business plan formulation approach.
The mission of Beauclaire is to design and sell innovative art jewelleries. Through sale of attractive art jewellery, the company aims to attract maximum number of customers from all classes. Services provided by the company desires to exceed expectation of customers. The vision of Beauclaire is to be the leading jewellery selling company of United States within next few years. Core values of the company comprise providing appropriate quality of goods and services to customers. Beauclaire would not compromise on quality and standard of the products offered so as to retain core values developed (Graham 72-74).
As US lacks Egyptian style of jewelleries, it would be easier for Beauclaire to target the market of United States. Aim of the company is to be a leader in the artificial and antique jewellery industry of United States. The company desires to cater to the needs of individuals across various age groups, especially women.
The specific objective of the company is to penetrate and gain 50% leadership of the artificial and antique jewellery market. Besides that, Beauclaire would ensure that shelf life of the jewelleries is short and not more than a week. The jewelleries will also be sold online and in various galleries of U.S.