Assignment 3 Program of Study (POS)

OVERALL LEARNING GOAL RELATED TO FIELD OF STUDY I would like to complete a doctorate in Applied Management and Decision science which is all aboutmaking good strategic decisions, both within an organization or while dealing with the clients. An emphasis on development and research in Engineering Management is also to be proposed. To put it in a nutshell, my objective is to pursue for necessary academic and research backup in Applied Management and Decision science in order to be able to plan, act and accomplish a project which faces both technological and managerial challenges. Thus I will become a independent problem solver in the near future.
Within the Knowledge Area Module (KAM) curriculum, I will examine the self governing skills required for complementing technological, organizational and business oriented needs. I will assimilate technical applications along with management proportions and analyse how these changes is going to impact the corporate world.
As stated per the curriculum guide, I will be completing my KAM’s, starting with the KAM in my first quarter (Spring 09). The area to be concentrated in this stage is all about the societal development. Here my focus is on the requirements to identify and implement the key determinants in developing and maintaining a flexible infrastructure of technicians and professionals.

I start with KAM 2 in my fourth quarter (Winter 09). This KAM’s subject area is in the areas of Human development. Here I will analyse how my concept of assimilating two different disciplines is going to affect behaviour of professionals to their clients.
I will begin KAM 3 in my fifth quarter (spring 10). This is where the social system theories are to be analysed. Thus the professionals could be able to deliver diversified projects meeting deadlines, quality and standards.
This KAM will begin in my sixth quarter (summer 10). Here the analysis of theories of intelligence, learning and motivation is done which provides a supportive ground to learn and also insights of effective business practices.
I will begin this KAM in my seventh quarter (Fall 10). In this stage I will concentrate on the aspects of advanced planning and corporate decision making strategies.
This KAM will start in eighth quarter (Winter 10). This is where case study is to be done. Here I analyse the set of tools needed to provide the target oriented organizational leadership for future real life application in solving a problem.