Assistance in Educational Projects and Revolutionary Treatment of Mitral Valve Issues

After I transferred to Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, I volunteered as a representative of Action for Boston Community Development which specializes in healthcare education for underprivileged and minority neighborhoods. My job was to advocate for the organization at government hearings to increase education-related funding for neighborhoods. I also volunteered as an advisor for one of its subgroups, Entre Nuestras Familias, which is geared towards educating high school students in sexual-education and unplanned pregnancy prevention.

Finally, my thesis compelled extensive reading research under the supervision of Dr.Ptak of Harvard medical school. It was founded on existing research where I proposed an alternative medication to patients who underwent Mitral valve replacement by inhibiting harmful side effects. By labeling ferromagnetic nano-particles with medication such as anti-coagulants and injecting them into the bloodstream, the drugs can be isolated within the heart by magnetic targeting and drug levels can be maintained at low levels throughout the body.&nbsp.My volunteer experiences provided me the opportunity to make a difference in a few small communities and hopefully the right direction to my future as a physician.&nbsp.And my thesis equipped me with the technical and mental diligence imperative of a medical student. I chose to discuss these elements of my CV because I believe they best demonstrate my zeal for medicine, devotion to help people and dedication to improve healthcare.