Astronomy assignment 2

1. Mass transfer or overflow – a process that could have occurred in a close binary system where one high-mass star beginning the end of its life expands and sheds off its outer gas to the other, originally a low-mass star, as a result of the latter’s gravitational pull. The originally low-mass star grows in size and becomes a high-mass star (Heggie &amp. Hut 2003). Thus, Blue Stragglers have live longer than the usual high-mass star.
2. Collision theory – Collision could occur between single-binary or binary-binary stars encounters in a cluster which will produce a single body which will have a mass twice or more than that of the turn-off mass (Heggie &amp. Hut2003.
Bennett, Jeffrey and Megan Donahue, Nicholas Schneider and Mark Voit. The Cosmic Perspective, Fifth Edition. , pp 536, 566,