Asult Nursing Well Informed Ostomists



On the basis of the literature review that was presented in this essay, the indispensible value of skilled nursing care in the case of stomas is indisputably established. Through the established studies that have been conducted into many aspects of stomas and their care, it may be clearly noted that the contribution of the critical care nurse and WTO nurse is a crucial factor that speeds up the recovery of the patient. The literature review also demonstrates that the discharge information that is provided is reached without much patient participation. There appears to be a paucity of research into the areas such as – how does the quality of discharge information impact upon the patient’s chances of recovery? How does patient participation in the discharge information process aid recovery and is it faster with better information? and many else. It is extremely important that nurses treat patients on an individual basis, and offer them personalized care according to their health condition. The methodology employed for this essay is based on a survey-questionnaire method and is proposed to be administers to carers of stoma patients, in order to glean more information on the perception of discharge instructions and their relevance in the context of the reality these carers experience once the patient has been brought home. This essay will help to gather more information in an area where there is sparse research and throw additional light on carer perception, which is taken up on a more broad ranging basis.