Cultural differences in nonverbal communication

The different ways of expressing nonverbal communication become pronounced especially in a multicultural context. Different cultures have different ways of expressing themselves nonverbally. However, it is worth noting that there are nonverbal communication ways which are similar across the board. One unique feature about nonverbal […]

The United Nations Organisations Effect On The Conduct Of Diplomacy

international security. development of friendly relations between nations. achievement of international cooperation by resolving international problems and by the encouragement of respect for human rights. and is a center where the efforts of nations are harmonized. With headquarters in New York, the United Nations Organization […]

American Telephone and Telegraph Company Citizenship and Sustainability

The current clientele of theATT company is divided into the ‘Signature Client Group’ (SCG), in which it has 300 accounts in collaboration with Global multinationals and spends $ 5-10 M (million)in the telecom sector on it, the ‘Premier Client Group’ (PCG), in which it has […]

Situations in Which a Search Without Obtaining a Warrant

The need for warrant usually arises when law enforcement officials confront situations in which they need to respond to a myriad of ‘crisis’ under which police encounter might involve serious criminality (Decker, 1999).There are two types of warrants, arrest warrants and search warrants, although arrest […]

Can one argue that we live in an allinclusive Information Society Illustrate your answer by offering examples from the media a

ICT has proven its worth for providing economic developments, improving the quality of living, opening employment opportunities, and linking people no matter where they may be located in the world. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether or not one can argue that […]

Role of Government and Industry Agencies in Marketing Communications

With the advent of Information technology, marketing and advertisements have also become an integral part of services like telecommunications.Advertising comprises of a significant part of the American society. The principles of free speech, competition and democracy are duly considered in the role of advertising. Marketing […]

Developing and Validating Trust Measures for ECommerce

And a lot of corporations are making use of similar technologies to develop protected business-to-business networks, that are acknowledged as extranets. Thus, these technologies’ movements are building a significant business model, electronic commerce. Electronic commerce or e-commerce entails carrying out both internal and external business […]

Military History Naval UUV Programs and NAVAL UGV Programs

Perhaps uniquely among the military department, the Department of Navy may eventually acquire every major kind of unnamed vehicle (UV) Navy and Marine Corps programs for UVs to raise several potential issues for Congress. Recent U.S. military operations in Afghanistan, Chapman (2001) stressed, have highlighted […]

Educational Merits of out of School Learning for Teenagers With Learning Difficulties

This project was aimed to give grant support to improve the quality and quantity of extracurricular activities available for children and teenagers outside school hours and during school holidays and was soon followed with other voluntary initiatives (Andrews, 2001, p.15-16).Out of school education programs have […]

The Persistence of Racism and Unconscious Bias in Brent Staples’ Just Walk on By Black Men and Public Space

Staples uses his literal skills to tell us the stereotypes, censures, and biases he experiences by being black. Staples sets off by making us believe that he is an offender.He explains how he is always stereotyped as a mugger, gangster, and rapist, regardless of what […]

Critical evaluation

Aggressive reasons include opening up new markets, increasing profitability, obtain products for the company’s home market, and suit the desire to expand. Defensive reasons include protecting markets at home, securing foreign markets, guarantee raw materials supply, technology and management expertise acquisition, and political stability. These […]

Characteristics of the Green Roof and How It Reduces Energy Cost

Environment 1042 Characteristics of the green roof and how it reduces energy cost Green roof applies natural vegetation instead of the traditionally and most commonly used artificial materials such as iron sheets. It adopts vegetation that represents a true garden in the normal environmental set […]

Innovation and Transformation in Small Businesses and Ecommerce as One Viable Transformation Instrument

A thorough attempt is made to understand the concept of e-commerce and innovation in a contemporary context, with a special emphasis on the human issues associated with innovation and how the attempts to introduce innovation in small businesses impact the employees, managers and customers. A […]

Wal Mart

People throughout the globe have a positive attitude towards this discounted chain retail store which has built their brand name with trust for quality products at a lower price. The retail industry being capital intensive, brought a lot of foreign and domestic investors to the […]

Socialization of Students Enrolled in FullTime Online Public Schools

It is widely believed that the face-to-face teaching-learning methodology remains the best in developing social skills in children because only this mode can provide both the verbal and non-verbal (especially touch) interactions. With the dramatic increase and popularity of online education due to its boundlessness […]

The Effects of Outsourcing the IT Services for Private and Public Institutions

The boom in information technology coupled with expanding internet solutions, especially in the fast advancing countries like China and India, opened up avenues for outsourcing at much lower wages. While it has facilitated recovering losses incurred during the recession, the wider ramifications of outsourcing of […]

Doe Season (1985) How does the challenge of growing up reflect itself in Doe Season and what relationship does this the

The Doe Season and the Hero’s Journey Andy is the main character in the short story The Doe Season, and there are some ways that her journey reflects a hero’s journey. According to Robbins (767), there are everyday heroes, and these heroes represent archetypes, or […]

Nigeria Public Health Implications of Ewaste Dumping and Legal Efforts

Recent studies have shown the gravity of health and environmental hazards created by this issue in Nigeria. The international and national legal infrastructures created to prevent the e-waste menace is made ineffective by a parallel illegal e-waste trafficking network. It is in this context that […]

The Impact of Sexual Cultural Practices on General Health and the Lives of Its Members

Initially when the word sexuality was used in scientific terms, it outline the essence of the errotic feelings and desires of humans but when combined together with term like bi, hetero or homo, it came to describe the different types of individuals who in material […]

The Media are Responsible for Shaping People’s Attitudes and Perceptions of Crime

The view of the public regarding victims, criminals, deviants, and law enforcement officials is hugely decided by their representation in the mass media. Furthermore, studies suggest that a huge part of public knowledge about crime and justice is derived from the media (Graber 1980). The […]

Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banking with Its Conventional Counterparts

The capitalist system increases the wealth of the rich and makes them stronger. This is why class differences have become so widespread in our societies. The market economy system is usually confused with the ruthlessness of the capitalist society. The two however are very different. […]

Community Participation and Water Resource Management

Basic services include infrastructure such as water supply, sanitation, health facilities and hospitals, education facilities such as schools and colleges, and adequate transportation services. According to Munier (2005: 10), for sustainable development in the built environment, the proper methodology should be followed. “Sustainability should meet […]

How Geographical Profiling Can Help in the Investigation of Crimes and the Identification of Criminals

Geographical profiling also studies the behaviors of individuals in the neighborhood of the serial crime to identify the exact area and individual suspected to commit the crime.Geographical profiling is special in that it helps in investigation procedures by reducing the volume of possible factors that […]

The Importance of the Dark Figure While Examining Statistics on Crime

Furthermore, Sutherland defined ‘white-collar crime as a crime committed by a person of espectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.’ Finally, the relationship of these to gender and their importance in the examination of statistics is investigated before concluding.In 1981, the […]

Planning and Evaluating Health Services in the State of Cook

Since health services’ planning involves projecting data into the future, the data presented below is based on the assumption that the current trends would continue. Therefore service planners need to take into account external factors that can significantly change the projections.Population projections and other ABS […]

Bank Accounts

As such, this handout focuses on the major aspects that define bank accounts and their correlation with entrepreneurs.The distribution of income accounts is primarily evident in two facets thus entrepreneurial income account and allocation of other significant income. Their function is to control income, which […]

How Successful Have the Canadian Government and Bank of Canada Been in Running the Canadian Economy over the Last Two Years

The aforementioned letter cited the following statistics to underscore the point:Labour markets have weakened, and employment is poised to decline further as the slowdown takes hold… Over 300,000 jobs in manufacturing have been lost. Yet less than 40% of unemployed workers qualify for Employment Insurance […]

Whether It Is the Managers Responsibility to Make Sure the Contract Is Being Adhered To By both Employees and the Organisation

The primary concern of organisations is to ensure effective performance through employees, normally done through the Human Resource Management (HRM) function of the organisation, where it becomes the responsibility of HRM to introduce effective policies and methods to achieve goals, and also carry out employee […]

Approaches of Tata Steel to Managing Environmental Drivers in the Market

Tata Steel is the second biggest steel manufacturer in Europe and has its chief steelmaking plants in Holland and the UK. It supplies steel and associated services to main industries such as production, vehicle manufacturer, and packaging. The European operations are supplementary of Tata Steel […]

Comparison of the National Cultures of Australia and the China

As part of the international human resource management study, it is necessary for human resource manager(s) to be familiar with the national culture (McGaughey, Iverson, and De Cieri, 1997) and labor institutions of different countries in order to determine the work-related preferences of each nationality. […]

The Effect of Human Activity on the Ecology of Long Island Sound

But while some of these interactions can be described in strictly objective terms, such as the spatial-temporal flows of matter and energy studied in resource management, the term “place” denotes humans’ subjective experiences and meanings of the locations they inhabit. Because of this, approaches to […]

The Effect of the Five Forces of Industry Competition on Saudi Arabian Airlines

This analysis provides a no exhaustive list of potential influences of the environment on the organization. Each of the forces is categorized by a particular macro-level external influence, which directly impacts strategic direction at Saudi Arabian Airlines. The political environment can have a significant influence […]

Computed Tomography Scanning for Diagnosing Appendicitis

Bushong (2000) maintained that there are at least five advantages offered by computed tomography over conventional radiography: (1) better contrast resolution, (2) no superposition of tissue, (3) less scatter radiation, (4) 3D imaging capability, and (5) capability for bone mineral assay.The standard practice at the […]

Animal Rights

There is no denying the fact that the testing of chemicals, drugs, cosmetics, and consumer products on animals and using animals for scientific experimentation is indeed wrong and cruel. No amount of scientific development justifies extending a cruel treatment to speechless and innocent animals and […]

A Response to a Potential Terrorist Attack on Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets

Resources mean assets and human personnel, including all systems and processes contained therein. The scope of responsibilities in security and safety includes detection of any kind of intrusion and initiating appropriate actions to ward off and prevent harm or damage to the county, and in […]

How Can the Security Manager Deal with Violence in the Workplace

Various diverse actions in the work atmosphere can activate or cause workplace violence. This may happen even as a consequence of non-work-related conditions such as domestic violence or violence caused by a rude employee, a manager, supervisor, co-worker, customer, family member, or even an unfamiliar […]

Red Zuma Project

In-depth analysis of the marketA comprehensive product designSelecting the appropriate product designAll-inclusive designCreation of prototypes for the project’s commencementTesting of created prototypesFinalizing on product designThe final manufacturing processOrdering components and equipmentInstallation of product equipmentAmong the above activities, the detailed marketing plan has the most significant […]

The Essential Aspects of Project Management

The project has anoverallperformance period of three hundred days, but the agreement allows for an extension of up to thirty days. Theproject’s guidelines and objectives are in the contract signed between ourselves, the Iraqi government, and therelevantfund’sdonorfor this project. The contract outlines the hierarchicalsystemof reporting […]

Embedding Sustainability Issues into Design and Business Contexts

Numerous business communities are changing the way they operate. They have realized that working sustainably or going green can actually cause increased profits. Usually, most companies are motivated to go green when they are operating under the bottom line scenario. However, soaring stock prices are […]

Strategic Alliances And Brand Differentiation In The Automobile Industry

The term strategic alliances refer to cooperative agreements between potential or actual competitors. Strategic alliances can range from short-term contractual arrangements in which two companies agree to cooperate on a particular task or project, such as developing a new product, to formal joint ventures in […]

For Change

And for change to better the organization should be planned, whether the change is desired or not.One service provider seeks to generate $12M to build senior care facilities in rural counties in America, as it sees the insufficient senior care facilities available to senior citizens, […]

Global and Products Industry Porter’s Six Forces Analysis

Porter’s six forces analysis of the global paper industry would involve certain factors such as threat of new entrants, rivalry among existing firms, threat of substitute products or services, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers and relative power of other stakeholders. The explanations […]


They have children programs in which volunteers can interact with kids, and offering direct services to other homeless persons. At the organization, there is always an opportunity that fits well in an individual’s preferences. There are many homeless children all over the city who are […]

Developing Countries Should Be Exempted From WTO Rules

Hence, there is a strong case to be made for WTO rules exemption from a post-colonial reparation perspective. Alongside several emerging economies, many other countries that presently fall under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) category are former colonies for European imperialism (Cappelen, 2007). Moreover, […]

Does the Thirty Years War Mark an Important Watershed in European Warfare

The Thirty Year War marks the last of its kind—a religious conflict fought under political guises. Unlike other religious wars, however, the Thirty Years War is known much more for its destruction, destitution, and lingering consequences:All this was effected by religion. Religion alone could have […]

Connection of the Belief in Democracy and Belief in the Power of Human Reason

Leaders are chosen to represent the citizens’ interests in parliament and hence they (parliamentarians) should be accountable for their behavior in parliament. Elected leaders should listen to the people whom they represent and address their issues as expected. Passing a law in parliament requires the […]

The Entry of Tiger Airways into the Australian Aviation Market

Increased traveling of international tourist arrivals. With Tiger’s stakeholder affiliations with Singapore Air Lines, there are a good potential for international tourists from Singapore, China, etc destinations to Australia to increase which will again boost domestic air travel as well.Possibilities of Quantas., the national carrier […]

Toyota Creativity and Innovation Assessment

Toyota employs its expertises in a variety of other fields such as housing (Toyota Home), financial services (Toyota Financial Services), technology communications, marine, biotechnology afforestation and GAZOO (Toyota).In 2007, while celebrating its 70th anniversary, Toyota Motor Corporation sold 9.34 million vehicles making a profit of […]

Office Depot

Office Depot generated sales revenues of $15,010,781 in 2007 (Annual Report, 2007). However, the costs of goods sold and other operating expenditures left Office Depot with only $516 million in assets, which has led to decreased stock/share value for investors and has given Office Depot […]

The Neoliberal Counterrevolution and its Impact on the Development

The result is the emergence of a new social order, based upon the free market and private interests, as opposed to State intervention. (Dumenil and Levy, 2000).During the decades after the IInd World War, Keynesian economic principles characterized development. The developed nations such as the […]

Importance of the Concept of Private Property in the Political Philosophy of John Locke

The government is obligated to protect private property in order to maintain public good (Locke Social Order 2001). In the same token, nature grants to all men the right to enforce natural law and punish those who violate it (Locke Social Order 2001). Locke posits […]

Management and Leadership of Marriott International

Even though leadership and management styles have been written about much later, but research suggests that both these have been in practice throughout recorded history. Different leadership and management theories have been espoused by different authors. The concept of ‘organization culture’ has become popular since […]

How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues

Digital media has affected the reasoning on significant social issues. thus contributing to increased violence and unethical behaviors. Many teenagers spend most of their time in social media such as televisions or play video games on computers. This has contributed to increased violence because some […]

Critical Thinking by Apply Concepts Theories and Empirical Knowledge from the News Media

Ross (2011) in the first place examines turnover rate, re-employment of laid-off workers, and the market absorption of the workers. It considers quality and standard of products as well as enriching employee skills in the company. Lochhead (2011) on the other hand evaluates the U.S […]

Employability Skills CV for the Job Position of Customer Service Advisor

The required skills for the Customer Service Advisor, Sales Presenter and Care Assistant job positions comprise brilliant communication skills, proficiency in Information Technology (IT) related skills and effective problem-solving as well as decision-making skills (Warwick District Council, n. d). The major duties for the job […]

Globalization and International Business

The degree of globalization can be gauged by the political difference that exists between the trading countries. the cultural proximity can augment such businesses, the institutional factors that help increase the enrollment of international students and information dissemination. In short, without globalization, international businesses would […]

The Place of Dancing within Culture and Society and Its Relationship to Health and Wellbeing

Dance can be defined in various ways depending on cultural and social norms. However, for the purposes of this paper, the subject will basically be defined as the movement of an individual’s body in response to music. In most cases, the movement is rhythmic. Dance […]