From this paper it is clear that&nbsp.relative to that short description about some of their prevalent traits, the reporter &nbsp.can say that they have been significant influence to his life and character in multiple ways. Today, when he is troubled or required to make a crucial decision, the author reminisces and asks himself, ‘what would his parents do?’, depending on the situation. Some of the occurrences that molded him took place when he was young and even though some of them were sad, he learn a lot from them. After the author started going to school, his great-grandmother passed on and it hit his mother hard. In fact, she had an emotional breakdown that made everyone sad and sorry.&nbsp.
This essay stresses that his parents were very religious and at a tender age, the reporter adopted this as a familial habit but later on came to understand everything. He can remember listening to the Quran regularly as his parents took turns in reading it. Moreover, on Fridays, they would watch Khotba on the television as a family. This habits act as a firm foundation to his beliefs as a Muslim. Additionally, his dad owned a farm and every week they would visit and engage in different activities. His favorite and most memorable moments were riding his bike and playing with the rabbits.&nbsp.Based on the Islamic culture, gatherings and family events were significant to us as Muslims and a family. When possible, the reporter would attend gatherings with the extended family members every week and twice a year, have Eid celebrations.