Baroque and Architecture



Wren’s first baroque design for this cathedral was rejected and considered as not practical and too foreign. The crowning dome was taken from that design and since three centuries the dome of the cathedral has been a major attraction in the city. The dome was designed by Wren not only to express the foreign architecture influence on his work but also to uncover the love he had for mathematics. Wren is known as the best architecture for his designs of buildings. He was also known as a leading mathematician and through his combination, he mastered in the shapes and arches of domes. He applied several theories through which he created historic monuments and recorded history’s best used mathematical sciences in architecture. The St Paul’s cathedral was known as the world’s first cathedral with a triple-dome. It was also the first cathedral which was completed in the lifetime of the architect. Wren had designed the cathedral so originally and furnished it with true British furniture that it was hard to believe how easily he did it. He adopted the characteristics of the baroque architecture which consisted of repeated styles and techniques used in buildings and structures. He was an aesthete and the love for art led him to design beautiful churches. As he was also an engineer, he designed and built structures that were acoustically pleasing. St Paul’s Cathedral marked the beginning of the shaky baroque architecture in England. This architecture was further elaborated in the 18th century.