Being a leader is not easy

"Nothing matters more in winning than getting the right people on the field. Differentiation helps you do that." (Welch Way, 29 March 2009). One of the biggest challenges faced by the leaders these days is getting the right people for the job, any job can be completed by anybody but the point is how efficiently a person can do a job Leadership is all about perfection and any wrong decisions taken can prove very fatal. For instance a leader hires a person, who he believes is the right man/woman for the organization but the work of that employee proves otherwise, the organization can suffer because of the same and the loss occurred because of that wrong decision of the leader will always remain irrecoverable. It is very difficult these days to find the right people, who can commit their future to the organization but leaders are expected to have the quality of differentiation, a leader who possesses this quality can never go wrong in the process of selecting the right people for the organization. …
This is one of the biggest challenges which the leaders these days face, if a leader is born with this quality then major pitfalls in leadership can be avoided without facing much difficulty.

The managers need to take up multiple roles and this will ensure the satisfaction of many demands. Henry Mintzberg has given a comprehensive guideline which consists of ten roles that are common to the work done by all managers. These roles are further divided into groups, interpersonal, informational, and decisional. The role of information ensures that every manager is aware of what the other manager is doing. The interpersonal role is largely responsible for providing the information and ensuring that every manager is well aware of what is going around them. The decision role makes use of the information provided by the interpersonal role and the process of decision making starts. The performance of managerial roles and the requirements of these roles is usually played at different times by the same manager and to different degrees and it depends on the level and function of management. The ten roles are described individually, but they form an integrated whole." (Henry Mintzberg, 29 March 2009).
Another big challenge which the leaders of today face is the daunting task of decision making. Decision making is the most challenging task for any leader. One wrong decision can change many things around in an organization and those changes will surely be for the worse of the organization on the other hand one good decision can help the organization in more ways than one. Decision making is a very delicate process, numerous things have to be kept in mind, a leader just cannot go on making wrong decisions because that would result in disaster,