Bike renting service

At the same time, survey data in 2008 Olympic Scientific Congress showed that 65.68% University students lack of exercise (). Accompanied with the increasing environmental awareness and the economic crisis, biking has become more and more the preferred method of transportation. Even disregarding the savings potential, cycling also has many health benefits. As more oxygen is intake it speeds up blood circulation. this can also prevent of brain aging. Periodic aerobic exercise consumes many calories and can affect significant weight loss as well. Moreover, due to the improvements in one’s muscle, heart and lungs, cycling aids longevity. In a recent survey by the International Health Commission, postmen live longer than any other occupation. One of the major reasons is because they often deliver letters by bike. Following these reasons, it is useful to build a bike rental service in Scarborough campus. Not only can this make the traffic more convenient but it also can protect the environment and help students stay fit.
The purpose of this research was first to investigate whether the respondents would be interested in a bike renting service. Secondly, to try and find out a suitable price that could be accepted by the renters and what accessories should be afforded, to target future campaigns effectively. Furthermore, it will assess the limitations of the plan and the feasibility of the project.
The purpose of this report was to carry out an independent investigation on a feasible and practical service or facility that you feel could be introduced to enhance life on Scarborough Campus. Most of the data used in this research report was primary data collected through on-line questionnaires and some interviews. The reason for this is that primary data is more suitable to research on campus service planning. Data can be collected from the target market,