BIMStorm Presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma

Essay, Engineering and Construction My choice of video is BIMStorm presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma, Balfour Beatty, Broaddus and several other people. . The video is footage on the how the company through its sponsors has transformed the construction industry. Essentially, BIMStorm videos provide good framework in data construction in an innovative way and significantly provides new approach to business. In this case, various presentations by the different affiliates are provided in clear manner to highlight just how much BIMStorm has made work easier and promoted their businesses growth.
Kevin Ellis a technical account manager explains that BIM basically takes different technologies and merges them to work together in a collaborative environment. The video shows the contributions of BIM and how they use tools and information to drive the industry forwards. It shows how the firm uses the information provided by other domains with standardized information exchanges to build data modeling over the years.
The participants of the event wanted to gain insights on how GC and A/E models could be organized and updated with commissioning, operation and maintenance data to bring efficient results. The video shows how large scale solutions are explored with BIMStorm. Major presentations on large scale improvements in the building industry were made and several processes were applied to small parts of sets of data in real projects. Live sharing of data with Building Information Model (BIM) and Geographic Information System (GIS) software were demonstrated. Proven technology was tested for continuous sharing and reporting of data using interoperable hardware and software. Among the tested business processes related to real time building data exchange and large scale portfolio facility management using BIM.
Eventually, the video is an affirmation that teams can actually work with the available technological advancements to solve large scale problems.
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