Biography of school principal



The researcher starts that his school principal Mr. X joined the school management some five years ago. Apparently, he was a very strict person with serious looks. He was a retired army officer who served the nation for more than 40 years. He was at the post of Major when he was retired and before his retirement, he had planned about his future career and that was to join some educational institution. He was Masters in Business Administration and therefore he was fit for the job requirements of a principal. When the author first saw him the researcher found him to be very sturdy, stringent, yet elegant and of course very disciplined. Despite his complete soldier looks and attitude, he possessed a very attractive and decent personality. But now when the author met him for the sake of interview he found him very different from what he was previously probably the Erikson’s development theory was working its way. He was born in a family who was closely affiliated with the services in army, navy and air force. His father was also an army general. He had five siblings and he was the third child of his parents. He was completely looked after by his mother in his infancy and childhood since his father was usually on his duty. According to the Erickson’s developmental stages, he was at the first stage when he started developing mistrust about his father as he was not available to give him care and affection that an infant requires. In his early childhood when he was around 2.5 years old his toilet training was started.