Biomimicry Sustainability and Luxury Hospitality Design

Today, it is not surprising that all industries look to sustainability as inspiration in their efforts to subside climate change, rising temperatures, flooding, uncontrolled pollution, and other harms affecting humans and world ecology. The same can be said in the design technology, construction, and tourism industries. While these various industries have now merged to present a single cause such as increase tourism in a given area, it takes extensive efforts to combine all and come up with a single project that will address sustainable eco-tourism using bio-mimicry. This paper will try to explore the possibilities of embracing bio-mimicry in said industries with luxury tourism as the common denominator.Nowadays, architectural design inspired and modelled from nature is significantly gaining importance and recognition. This new and practical approach is called as biomimicry. With the ever-increasing population of the world, perhaps this approach is the perfect and right solution to the existing built environment problems, fast depleting natural resources and other human challenges.Biomimicry, as its name suggest, is from the word bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate. For the purpose of this research, biomimicry is defined as the imitation or taking inspiration from nature’s forms, process, and ecosystem to solve human problems (Klein, 2009). Similar terms for biomimicry also include biomimetics, bio-inspiration, bionics and biognosis. In fact, the principle of biomimicry is threefold: to use nature as a model. to use nature as the standard measure, and to use nature as a mentor. However, this topic would be further explained in the succeeding part of this paper.In the study conducted by Klein (2009), he proposed that to fully emulate the nature especially in built environment design, the architectures and designers should take consideration on the three levels/types of mimicry. This includes the form, the ecosystem, and the processes of the natural world.