Birchfield Bread and Breakfast Marketing Strategy

Located in the outskirts of the United States, Birchfield wants to make itself an attractive leisure destination. The establishment aspires to become one of the leading lodging establishments in this region. The organization intends to take on a full-fledged hospitality approach to this ‘bed and breakfast initiative’ and build up an extensive customer base in this competitive market place.
Birchfield Bed and Breakfast, along with other short-term lodging establishments on this Honolulu, have been a substantial part of the tourism. Of the short-term lodgings in this region, twelve are categorized as inns, 25 as long-term lease facilities (rentals, condos, and houses) and fifteen are offering bed and breakfast as Birchfield. Hotels and motels constitute the largest percentage of rental properties in this region.

In the last year, on average, the rentals have increased by 20 %. However, the region has been experiencing a modest projection of a 30 % increase in the rentals per year. The last year project was less than this average increase. This was done in the wake of the recent economic downturn. However, this year the leading establishments in this region are expected to see a 40 % increase in the tourist arrivals than the last year. At the same time, they are expected to increase their rentals by 25 %. The establishments are also expecting a 50 % increase in their revenue amount compared to the previous year. This projection is without any considerable increase in advertising or promotional investments but is based on the projected increase in tourism in this region.
The major customer segments are tourists from the urban United States who traditionally prefer the cozy and aesthetic environment of Birchfield and local guests who require the facilities for various events.