Black Homelessness

In this paper the issue of black homelessness in the background of young people living in the project housing is dealt with. It is possible to view the issue of black homelessness on the background of the social theories that deal with such issues, the values and ethics, multidisciplinary working, anti-disciplinary practice, challenges faced by service users, challenges faced by housing support workers, supervision, discrimination, empowerment, young people social skills, integration into society, New Deal for young people, employment, partnership work with other agencies, legislation etc. The barriers affecting housing organisation, good argument between govt and local authority housing, housing law and homelessness, local authority housing resources allocations, and the reflection of work done with young people living within housing projects also can strengthen the understanding of the issue. A close understanding of the issue of black homelessness confirms that there is a great relation between the social work and the housing issues, the agencies working in housing and practice in the region of black homelessness. …
Utilising theories of human behaviour and social systems, social work intervenes at the points where people interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work." (Definition of Social Work, British Association of Social Workers). Therefore, the issue of black homelessness in the background of young people living in project housing can be understood as a serious social issue to be dealt with social workers.
As specified in BASW, the works of a social worker include pertinent areas such as interpersonal practice, group work, community work, social development, social action, policy development, research, social work education and supervisory and managerial functions in these fields. Therefore, black homelessness naturally becomes a pertinent issue that concerns the social worker. In this attempt of dealing with the issue, the social workers encounter several challenges. There are several specific values and ethics that contribute to the practice of social working among the homeless. "Social work practice should both promote respect for human dignity and pursue social justice, through service to humanity, integrity and competence." (Values and Principles, British Association of Social Workers). Thus, the responsibilities towards the service users need to be kept important by the social workers practicing in the area of black homelessness. Thus, they need to give priority to the service user’s interests, be aware of their cultural background, respect their privacy, confidentiality, and records etc. they also have responsibilities towards their profession, responsibilities in the workplace, responsibilities in particular roles etc which they need to keep all through