Blackberry Mobile Company

Customers can be attended to on voice over internet protocol technologies like Skype and through telephones. Blackberry plans to get financing from an external third party amount to $10,000.00. This amount will be for commencing work on the development of the product that will entail promoting sales, partly on relations about public selling, sales promotion, and advertising. The starting capital was raised by the co-owners of the company Ronald Greens and Black Givens, in the amounts of $ 25,000.00And $1 0, 000.00 respectively. The blackberry will exist as a limited liability company. The liabilities and shares of the owners will be done according to the values of their individual contribution. The finance acquired through this business will allow Blackberry to open successfully and operate as a computer company. Cozy surroundings will be made available for customers with a casual atmosphere. Operations in year one will generate Blackberry a consistent customer platform that will allow it to be self-sufficient in the following year. Most importantly Blackberry will invest in the latest technology so as to diversify how its customers acquire its products including deployment in the cloud. A focus also will be directed especially to the students. A study conducted by Blackberry revealed that 85% of students had difficulties in monitoring their daily schedules. Consequently, this creates a need that Blackberry comes in to fill. The region already has many students with Chabot community colleges offering quite an enormous number. Blackberry is facing the opportunity of being the latest entrant in this field and providing serves the needs of various mobile platforms. The consistent popularity of entertainment services, unique, upscale, innovative and friendly mobile applications has been proven a winning concept to produce the same results for Blackberry. The primary and core product that Blackberry is released to the market is the Blackberry’s comprehensive planner going by the name Comp plan. The product mainly targets students of the Chabot community college besides the other students in general.