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Society have assigned different roles to the different members. The activities done by children, men and women are different as outlined by the societies norm and values. The theory of social role outlines that social activities are disintegrated as a way of gaining command by the certain members of the society. The roles played by individual members of the society are viewed as legitimate and, for this reason, cannot be questioned by any independent minded person.
Ladies have been tasked to assume a part of backing in the general public. They typically deal with the vocations and other household obligations. In the past, women were not required to take part in any form of economic activity that could empower them than their men counterpart. In this case, they were given duties that would pay less than men.
Advertisement have become one of the marketing tools of firm products. A large portion of the family unit merchandise has ruled the commercial business. For this reason, every firm considers doing an advert that would attract a lot of consumers and still remain relevant to the society. In order to achieve this mission, industrialists have used young women in their adverts. Women are portrayed in different forms as media in such a way that they will attract men’s emotions. They will thus be dressed in clothes that seem attractive to men. Most of these attires only hides the body parts that are very critical when exposed. The advert leaves men appreciating the lady in the advert and will dependably be sitting tight for the advert.
Ashley Graham’s advert of the swimming cloth is one of the examples. She is portrayed wearing a swimming ‘bra and an under pant’ just on the side of a swimming pool. A man is wearing a full suit and a tie stand amazed behind her admiring her body (Suhr). The difference between the two can help to define the role of women in the social setup where the advert was done.
Ladies role in this general public is to amuse men. The nakedness of a lady excites mens emotions. They are for this reason advised to dress in an indecent way so that they can look attractive by men. Men then again typically remunerate ladies who look alluring. For this reason, the society accepts such behaviors.
As stated earlier, the theory of the social role enhances the activities that different members of the society need to practice. The social differentiation outlined by Ralph Dahrendorf explains that this is a must-expectations. Thus, the advert in the media concentrates on the desire of the buyers. Grahams nails this point on the head when she says that her mother was her role model (Suhr). The mother was her part of consolation in the demonstrating business that made her win the advert. In this regard, the society views this segment of social practice as legitimate. The position of a lady in the general public is likewise delineated in connection to that of a man. Men are expected to clothe decently than their female counterparts. Thus, the media was alright in covering the advert.
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