Book Review of the glass castle

Intro – The title of the book, in italics, and the author – Something significant about the author (has she/he won any awards for writing or some other relevant item) and the – genre (fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, biography, etc.) – Context of the book (when or why is was written, is it part of a series, etc.) – Your thesis about the book. This is your opinion of the book or your judgement of its worth.Summary This will be brief because you will likely touch on the content of the book throughout the review. It should, however, provide your audience with a general idea about the story or content.Evaluation of the book – This will be the most substantial part of the review and should be organized in paragraphs dealing with things that support your argument. – It is not necessary to follow the story or content chronologically. Consider organizing according to themes or other elements of the book. – It is appropriate, but not necessary to include comparisons to other works. Be careful not to let comparisons to other works overwhelm the evaluation. That is, don’t waste space detailing the other work or works. – While including carefully selected quotes that help further your argument is appropriate, it is perfectly acceptable to state what happened in your own words.Conclusion – Summarize or echo your thesis. Do not simply repeat it in the same words. Offer you final judgement of the work. Do not include any new support or evidence. – Do include some further thought, a new idea that is connected to the book but that goes beyond the content. Provide – your audience something to consider, something the work reveals about the human condition. – Be sure that your conclusion matches the evidence you provided. Did your evaluation focus on weaknesses or strengths? 15/05/20205english