Brazils Eprocurement System

E-government has been on the rise in different countries with most government using internet as a means of improving their services to their customers. As most companies as well as governments embark on e-procurement, different and important issues have been raised in regard to its use in a country. E-government unlike in the past where it was an option, it has become a necessity especially as countries strive to achieve better governance and efficiency in offering services to the citizens. E-governance requires the government to integrate the strategic vision in service delivery to the citizens. ICT is today being used with an aim of streamlining the governments thus connecting it closely to the citizens thus ensuring better services are being offered by the governments. E-government as well as e-procurement is also vital in ensuring that public funds are managed well by a government thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Different countries for example Brazil have recently adopted e-procurement and e-government in their administration. …
tioned earlier, use of e-government and e-procurement in Brazil has led to improvement in the functioning of the government especially in the area of public funds management. The agenda for e-government first appeared in the federal government of Brazil in the year 2000 which was later implemented in most of the ministries of the government. However, use of e-procurement has raised significant issues in the recent past. One of the major issues which have been facing the Brazilian government which carrying out e-procurement is the issue of security. The government has some confidential information which should not be disclosed to the public or unauthorized persons. Use of e-procurement exposes the government to the risk of losing important information especially as internet crime and terrorism acts are on the rise. This may put the government as well as the citizen under the risk of terrorism attacks. The issues of security while using e-procurement have been a major issue for the Brazilian government in its endeavours to ensure e-government is practiced. To cub or reduce this problem, the government have installed security measures to ensure that no unauthenticated person gets access to sensitive information. Security remains a major and important issue while dealing with e-procurement (Neef, 2001).
Personification of the government is also another important security issue which should be considered while implementing the e-procurement and e-government systems in any country. Since all transactions are carried out online, it is very possible for a person to fraudulently rob of any government especially through e-procurement. While using the internet, the financial information concerning a person or a government is availed to ensure smooth transactions are carried out.