Brunello Cucinelli brand



The paper "Brunello Cucinelli brand" concerns the brand of Brunello Cucinelli. Taking into consideration the scope and the specification of the brand, it is essential to assess the constituents of the business and to examine their direct interaction and interference. In this case, the research will take a glance at the brief history of the brand, underlining the key moments that contributed to growth and maturity of the company and its performance. SWOT analysis will be conducted to outline the positive and negative factors of Brunello Cucinelli brand, its present state as well as prospects in terms of the nearest future. The study will present the summary of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the brand in order to underline the perspectives as well as the cornerstones of Brunello Cucinelli company. For the thorough brand analysis to be accomplished, it is important to investigate the directions, views and goals of the company. in this respect the study will focus on the target customer and draw the pen portrait of an average brand client. In addition, primary research will be conducted to provide the most accurate and faithful data. Due to the fact, that there are certain constraints in the context of the time and personal interviews with the leaders of the company, the secondary information will be taken into account and analyzed to get the full picture. The retail industry has its marketing peculiarities. thus, retail environment, place and promotion components.