Building Background and Comprehensible Input

It is important to acknowledge that teachers must meet the needs of English learners while addressing the needs of the mainstream student. This is quite a task but one that is possible to tackle. This lecture will address strategies that are essential for English learners to acquire content knowledge and improve academic language proficiency but these strategies will be beneficial to all learners.
The lessons: Building Background and Comprehensible Input are both very good tools for teaching students especially those who are at the "maturing" stage. However, as both are being asked to be rated, the verdicts are as of follows: Comprehensible Input lesson received a 95% while Building Backgrounds received 100%. Now, as for the explanations. taking into consideration all the aspects of teaching and learning, the first topic which was Building Backgrounds received the perfect score because it is the root of all the teaching and learning process that transfer from one teacher to the student. Without this, all the effort that the professor gives out will be futile. Building Backgrounds is what its title says. making a sturdy base for the learning of the students. As the description goes, it is important for teachers to consciously incorporate techniques for students to acquire content knowledge and vocabulary content simultaneously. The Comprehensible Input or what you call the digestive system of the mind is the result of a very good lesson planning. A very well thought-of lesson will stay in the minds of the students for a very long time and it may possibly be their pushing force of the thing that drives them most. It may be hard at first but thinking of lesson plans is actually easy if professors include the students in thinking up ideas for the lesson plan. With this, the students will be able to participate in the decision-making of their classes and thus, be motivated in studying and listening more to the studies because they are the ones who have thought of it in the first place.
The Comprehensible Input on the other hand, is solely based on the process of Building Backgrounds. The students will not simply absorb the lessons if the structure of the topic is not attractive and barely retainable in the minds or the students. What is needed here is that the lessons should be highly retainable in terms that the students will remember it for the longest time and that it will be embedded in their minds and will be used for their future. Now, that is the purpose why students are being placed in an institution called, schools and universities. So that in times when the parents can no longer support the growing years of their children, the schools will be there to maintain the foundation that was set up by the family. So in other words, the school becomes the second home of the children.
As for the effectiveness of each lesson, it has been established in the previous paragraphs the importance and the uses of the said lessons. However, as have been discussed, only one lesson