Bureaucracy and Scientific Management

Bureaucracy poses a severe limitation on individual freedom and the idea of republican sovereignty. In a bureaucratic society, there is regulation, hierarchy, specialization of tasks, personal and professional life.
In a bureaucratic society, there is a division of labour and competition. There is a legal ideology and many societies have large bureaucratic administration system to manage their common affairs. The countries like India, China, Japan, France and Germany have developed a specialized system of bureaucracy in response to class struggle and monarchy. The maintenance of property relation, production system and labour system are all part of the bureaucracy. Bureaucracy is a part of the political system and it owes to the existence of civil society. Bureaucracy is an integral part of many societies and it has its own benefits and harmfulness to the society.
Bureaucracy is a system created for civil society has a lot of benefits to offer to society. In a bureaucracy, the administrative system of a society is in an organized and strategic manner. There is a hierarchy of power and responsibility and there is no misunderstanding regarding the authorization of a person. In such a case people in a society can approach the right person to resolve their issue. Also, in bureaucracy, there is a fair chance to people and it discourages favouritism. Bureaucrats have good education and responsibility which means they can serve the people in a society in a better way.
Much social process in society takes place with the help of bureaucrats and it makes many areas of government work in a systematic manner. They work to promote public interest and like everyday heroes. Society has people from various class, race and religion and in bureac, there is no individual difference and people can expect equality. Bureaucracy promises fairness and equality and this is the best part. For a complex industrial society, bureaucratic way of government is the best.&nbsp.