BUS390 T5 RuleofLawWorksheet

BUS-390Rule of Law and Ethics WorksheetUse this worksheet as a template. Complete the essay questions below using scholarly sources to support your answers:1.    Using the country of Hong Kong to analyze throughout this course, research the influence of colonization on that country and explain how that influence has affected its current legal system. (200-250 words)2.    Is the current legal system a civil law code or a common law code? (i.e., Spanish or French vs. English). Is there a correlation between the current rule of law and the propensity of entrepreneurship? (100-150 words)3.    Explain how that legal system relates to the mode of entry (property rights) and how that legal system affects your entry into that country (as a company) and how you would conduct business in that country. (200-250 words)4.    Provide key ethical challenges for your company in that country. (75-100 words)5.
 Recommend legal compliances approaches used by companies conducting international business. Which approaches would you use for your selected country? (150-200 words)References