Busi man

The customers can stir the direction of the growth of an organization, and so it is up to the management and how the employees’ commitment to satisfy the customers, are being stressed and practiced that can ensure the upward direction in the progress of the company. Customer’s satisfaction is best achieved when there is conscious effort on the part of management to deliver the quality of service that the customers would expect. On the other hand, management should be well aware, that there are various kinds of customers. Naturally, they should cater only to the kind of customers who can bring about profit to the company. Those are the customers who have the capacity to pay the price of the services or products that will be made available to them and at the same time, they should look for the customers who are in need of the products that a company can provide. There are customers who go about complaining, but in reality, have no intention of letting go of their hard-earned money, unless they can haggle for the cheapest price. In this instance, it would be best that management is convinced that they are proud of the services that they can provide, and also best to remember that he who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away . The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass oneself and to be worthy of personal approval.
Many times, management fails to satisfy the customers. This is where customers’ expectations come into play. The customers usually know what they desire in the services that they expect, and the perception of the quality of service that one company provides is relative, because customers differ from one another, and no matter how a company would try, it is simply impossible to please everyone. The customers would normally compare the products or services, based on