Business and Operation security

1. Operation security:One factor often overlooked in creating and implementing information security policy is the human factor. Your reading this week explores this factor. One tool to help manage the human factor is the separation of duties (also called segregation of duties). Explain what separation of duties is and why it is important. What three functions should be separate in all transactions? Give an example of how duties can be separated using an example you might find in an organization.Your main post needs to be around 300 words and you need to make at least one reply to your classmates that is 100 words long. See the links below for more information:–separation-of-duties.html question’s body2.Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan:DiscussionTopic: Assume that you have been hired by a small veterinary practice to help them prepare a contingency planning document. The practice has a small LAN with four computers and Internet access. Prepare a list of threat categories and the associated business impact for each. Identify preventive measures for each type of threat category. Include at least one major disaster in the plan.200 to 300 words and APA format16/05/202012informationsystems