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In addition to this other concerned areas related to profitability like the capacity utilisation of the apartments and the marketing efforts to increase the demand of the services offered through the renting of the apartments would also be analysed in this report. This analysis along with other related secondary research would be used to help Shana in suggesting ways through which she can run the business in a more effective way and add to the profits of the business concern. Findings and Analysis Seaview Apartments is located at the peninsular region of Mornington, Australia and is at a walking distance from the nearby beach present there. Local tourists which include the residents of Melbourne are mainly found to visit the Mornington Peninsula. Various types of beaches and other different types of natural attractions are present in the area. Thus people visiting the place have a nice time visiting all the tourist places present there (Visitmorningtonpeninsula, 2012a). Hence Seaview Apartments is present in an advantageous location for the tourists visiting the area. Four types of apartments are offered on rent by Seaview Apartments, namely one bed room apartment, one bedroom deluxe apartment, two bed room apartment and the deluxe studio apartment. Thus it can accommodate customers of different types according to their varied requirements and preferences. Each of the apartment types is fully self-contained and hence all necessary facilities are available for the customers required to stay and spend their time at any of these apartment types. All these factors suggests that Seaview Apartments is well equipped with… Business Computing Term PaperAll these apartments are self-contained with all the necessary accommodation features required to stay there are available for the tourists. Discounts are also available for the customers who rents for seven or more days in any of the apartments mentioned above. The business is being successfully run by Shana but she is sceptical about the level of profits being earned from the business. She has raised concerns regarding the capacity utilisation of the apartments and the profitability associated with the business. The main purpose of this report is to analyse all the relevant facts related to the profitability and capacity utilisation of Seaview Apartments. Based on the findings and analysis of the information available regarding the apartments, some recommendations have also been suggested in this report which would help Shana to make effective utilization of the available capacity in her apartments and increase the profitability of the business. Previously all the information related to bookings of the apartments was recorded by Shana manually in the order they were received. The processing of data and analysis of the information contained in those manual records posed difficulty for Shana to take any kind of decisions to facilitate effective running of the business. The analysis of the findings from the information presents in the spreadsheet model developed by Shana and different other sources suggest that Seaview Apartments have ample opportunities to increase its popularity and enhance its profitability by a significant amount.