Business environment

Business Environment Lo 3.3b. What are the cultural factors that confront Virgin Atlantic airlines? Virgin Atlantic is a world airline from United Kingdom serving 65 airports. The airline serves about 25% destinations airports in the United States of America. The airline faces cultural challenges as popular airline in the world today. The emerging challenges include providing high quality customer care serves to the numerous passenger population (Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd. 2012). As such, different individuals demand specific treatment with reference to cultural diversification. The airline’s mandates revolve around providing memorable experiences to the passengers. A language barrier presents a cultural issue among the large passenger population. The main issues include different preference on the meals, on board entertainment and overall flight communication problems between the crew and passengers.
Explain how political/legal, economic, social, technological, ecological factors can impact on the activities of Virgin Atlantic airlines please use two different countries as an example
Virgin Atlantic airline overcomes legal challenges of handling arising misunderstandings during the cargo business. Different commitments within American and the United Kingdom players translate to varying results. Virgin Atlantic invests on the cargo business to ensure consistency and service reliability. As such, the airline is an award winning company over the last years. The airline uses “VEX” as an express courier, “MUST RIDE” to ensure urgency and the “PETS” to fly the pets. The airline also uses different sized cargo equipment such as p6p, ALF and AKE to ensure goods safety. The involved agreement policy honor terms of business delivery irrespective of the destination.
Virgin Atlantic airlines also incorporates advanced information technology to deliver quality services. The airline combines advanced technology with available top-notch skilled power to change passenger experiences. A change of the communication channels in the airline entails the use of mobile technologies for the restaurant services. Services to passenger entails sending direct complimentary food vouchers top passengers’ mobile device. The flexibility in technology enables Virgin Atlantic to lead the airline industry.
Virgin Atlantic airlines operate under a digitalized environment. The company’s expenditures revolve around employing the wide use of the internet to offer services, advertise company offers and to enhance customer transactions. As such, the airline manages to increase about 2% of the total number of passengers annual.
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