Business Plan Flower Shop

The service will not only provide quick and fresh flower delivery to its customers but it will also allow customers to choose and create their own flower arrangements for a more customized shopping experience. There will be a highly connected delivery network that will enable flowers to be delivered the right time so that the impact is not lost due to an inefficient delivery. Flowers are a good choice for several occasions including birthdays, mother’s day, and weddings, to name just a few. A key differentiator would be its exclusive floristry that will provide elegant flowers of the best quality.
Perhaps the most convenient and obvious segmentation is the occasion segmentation that will segment the market according to different occasions namely weddings, birthdays, Mother’s day, Christmas, Valentine’s day and other seasonal parties. This division of the market into subgroups will allow greater profits through larger sales by targeting the right set of individuals (Hall, Jones, Raffo, and Anderton 2008, p. 139). Another option is to segment the target markets temporally, meaning, based on the required delivery times. While many occasions require same day delivery, many others do not. For this reason, it will be convenient to divide the market into groups of individuals based on the delivery times for the recipients. In the case of time-based segmentation, the segmentation variables would include same day delivery, next day delivery, peak seasonal delivery, and other holidays.
The florist offers great flower at good prices with international delivery options. Moreover, customers have the choice of various delivery time options. The flower shop also has a flower catalog that can be requested to order unique flowers for different occasions (Philip’s Flower Shops 2014). Philip’s flower shops operate online and have a specially designed website structure that allows easy ordering of flowers online. It also provides flexible delivery systems for its customers so that recipients receive flowers on the appropriate time.