Business Plan for an Adult Strip Bar

Company Summary:
Ownership: Mark who is the sole proprietor of the bar and is liable to legal and financial claims stated against the bar will own the business ‘Cloud nine’. Mark will be liable to pay taxes in accordance with the income tax act of the state from time to time as instructed by the government. The owner Mark will face all criminal and civil action in case of lawbreaking. Staff: The bar will start with an initial of 8 dancers and an in house governance staff of 10. This excludes two cooks 2 and 6 waiters. Size: Initially the bar will have 12 tables with a seating capacity of 36. The private booths for the private booth dance. Services offered: The bar offers strip dancing for customers with food and drinks. This means only strip dancing and no sex. Sex for money is not offered here as customers are not allowed to touch dancers. The dancing can be on stage, on the customer’s table, lap dance or private booth dance and the prices for these vary accordingly.&nbsp.Type: &nbsp.‘Cloud nine’ is an adult strip bar opened with a legal ‘commencement of business certificate’ in the proper zoning area and a liquor license. It is clearly an upmarket establishment. It entertains customers who walk in to enjoy the dance of the women. It caters to that customer who comes with their wife or girlfriend however old and ensures that it gives everyone a good time without having to feel embarrassed in any way. Find in the paper the estimated start costs for the business along with money required as investment from the bank. As mentioned earlier the place of the bar served as a nightclub earlier and requires limited renovation to bring about the dance bar ambiance.