Business Process for Amazon com

Running business is not only keeping organization’s website on Internet and driving it simply. It has a full modus operandi that shows the business to consumer. compel them to make business to hat organization, upgrading the site as required, etc. Tamba Internet (1994 – 2007), clearly says in their website "All successful e-commerce sites follow two vital rules: Goods are clearly and attractively displayed for maximum visual impact. and the customer experience is simple and pleasurable." This statement perfectly fits upon the website commonly known as
The basic work flow of the business is known to be the business process. There are number of different activities from buying a product from the vendor to selling it to the customer. from finding out the vendor to advertising to attract customers. from settling up the prices to buy stock to gaining the profit. All of these basic activities when define in a flow collectively, business process is specified.
Business is the name to purchase and sell the product in a manner to earn profit. For, e-commerce the business, CEO of the company shows up the structure of the business by drawing different boxes following each other. Each of the box at that time represents the task or activity perform by the workers or equipments, as an essential step to perform business. This is what the CEO is drawing called as Business Process Diagram. These activities take the input and produce an output which is the input of the other activity. This is known to be the flow of business where internal inputs are shared to produce different major productive outputs.
Business Process For Amazon.Com is a real world wide famous website, diversifying its business in many directions using a single web site. This is one of the major e-commerce website doing the biggest business with number of customers and variety of stocks. It is a online shopping e-commerce website.
According to David Forbes in his review to Spring Time for IT (2003) told that to implement the whole on to the technical grounds it was a difficult task. As people didn’t understand the requirements of the technical industry. Though, employees weren’t appreciatively contributing to explain their views and ideas to the designer. However, IT itself is nothing to start of some business process management but its only what designers made it to process at best and it can only be possible if people get cooperative. Leaving decision making upon IT system from the beginning level wasn’t good idea as IT may help taking decision but it can only possible if the System is known with the past up and down facts of the business and though in beginning the Subject Matter Experts should come forward and tell each and every functionality they requires to have in the business process management system.
Furthermore, cost for making this IT system may gives a hard time but after noticing the Kodak who spent 1billion dollar for its ERP system then to spend much for IT system is worthy enough as later it saves many cost and will help to get many customers to cover the loss.
Though, Amazon has converted his whole business in IT in form of The real meaning while defining the word business is specified to buy and sell something in regard to earn profit. Now, Amazon was online and can be accessible to the entire world just by few clicks