Business Report for Radisson Hotels and Resorts

Additionally, Carlson and SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) are equity holders of the Rezidor Hotel Group (Forbes). thus giving the name "Radisson SAS" outside the United States(Forbes). Moreover, it has established partner networks with more than 20 worldwide airline programs (Radisson SAS) as well as with major financial companies such as American Express, Diners Club, Discover Visa and Mastercard to provide their customers with special offers and promotions (Radisson SAS). Its vision is: "We want to be the most admired company in London and in Manchester"(Radisson Edwardian), while its mission is to provide 100% guest satisfaction (customers are able to report to the company if any dissatisfaction occurs and Radisson will take corrective action or guests are not required to pay that particular service), 100% employment engagement (i.e. full staff empowerment) as well as acquiring a positive cash flow (by keeping every customers and employees satisfied) (Radisson Edwardian).
The hotel industry is facing many established competition, such as Four Seasons, Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Le Meridien, Marriot, etc. Thus to make itself outstanding and unique, providing quality service is a strategic action. Radisson’s service guarantee statement should include a promise of providing only the best service, experienced and skilled employees to ensure customer satisfaction. If the company does not fulfill its commitment, hence the business promises to repay for its mistake. It should make it acknowledged by stating it in its business plan, code of conduct, in all of its hotels (in all rooms, at the lobby, etc.), in employee’s and franchisee’s contract as well as in its media, website, catalogues, brochures, email newsletters, etc. to make all of its employees, customers, franchisees aware of its commitment.
Technological advancements have been developing very fast in recent years. Radisson should make use of this enhancement. The business could place a customer survey questionnaire at its website or send them via email. This action will allow the company to analyze and evaluate its customer opinion around the world and thus Radisson will be able to take corrective action to ensure that its commitment of providing ‘customer satisfaction’ is fulfilled. By having the internet available, the communication process between the company and its customers is enhanced. customers are able to contact Radisson and receive replies from the company more rapidly. This system reduces the possibility of not responding to certain customers and also reduces time delays.
In order to guarantee employee and customer satisfaction, monitoring is essential. This can be done by undertaking performance appraisals, where employees fill out a form regarding their performance as well as complaints. with this the company is not only able to know its employees’ dissatisfaction but how it has affected its performance. Feedback from performance appraisals will provide information for planning in training, recruitment, selection, development, rewards and separation. Radisson should also perform a grievance procedure (2-way communication system), where employees are able to communicate their complaints and employers are able to reprimand staff for conducting unsatisfactorily performance. The 2-way communication system enables an equality of power, a better relationship