Business to Business An Example of a Company that Sells to Another Business

The Walt Disney Company is an example of a company that sells its products to other businesses. The company sells products of its film studio such as cable television networks, interactive games, electronics, animation art, and magazines among others. The company sells its products to various businesses around the World such as The Oriented Land Company.
Glaxo is a pharmaceutical company that sells its products to nursing homes and hospitals. Glaxo sells potential malaria drugs to most nursing homes and hospitals globally. The company has set an example to other drug companies for their exceptional way to deal with malaria that statistically kills many victims.
In most cases, the overall government spending varies from one nation to the other. In the United States, the overall government spending on goods and services approximates to $5, 800, 839, 970 (Young 33). The government buys goods and services such as Education, Health care, Pensions, welfare, Interest, and Defense among others. The Government procurement for the state is on similar principles to marketable contracting, although subjected to laws and regulations. Rules and regulations are set forth in the constitution, and the government exercises its power through regulations and legislation issued. Agencies are charged with supervising and coordinating the government functioning. For instance, under the United States Department Defense, there are many agencies such as the Defense Intelligence, Pentagon Force Protection, National Security, and Missile Defense. These agencies supervise and coordinate the government functioning in issues relating to national security.&nbsp.&nbsp.